I have been looking for a job related to trade, management, marketing, communication and working with people for a long time. I have a bachelor’s degree (with honors) from the Faculty of Economics, Department of Marketing and Trade, specialization “Marketing Services”at the Kuban State University. I have one year of experience as a marketing assistant, a three-month internship in an advertising company and ten months as a marketing specialist at PPH Krystian, during my studies I dealt with the logistics issues in project implementation. In my opinion, I have the knowledge and skills to occupied this vacant position. At the moment, I graduated my master’s degree (with honors) at the Lublin University of Technology, during my master’s studies I was the head of a group of foreign students who’s studying in English at the faculty of management, under the supervision of management and quality studies. Throughout my studies, I helped in the organization of many events, and also helped a colleague from the group in organizing the educational process. I can find a common language with clients and colleagues, I am work on time, I am ready to solve tasks as well as perceive new information, and I learning quickly